128% Profit in the Fast Figs Exotics last week

Another winning week for Fast Figs in the exotics! That’s 3 of the last 3 weeks we’ve calculated the results. Below is a chart that will show you which tracks and bets were profitable and by how much from last week’s Fast Figs. To date we have yet to see a figure in horse racing that has proven to be so reliable and consistent in finding overlooked contenders in tracks across the country.

The results shown below are based on using the horse with the highest Fast Fig in the top position in each exotic wager. The horse with the 2nd highest Fast Fig is used in the second spot in the exotics. The horse with the 3rd highest Fast Fig is used in the third spot and so on. The results assume that these are straight bets and not boxed and each bet placed is $2. In cases where there are 2 or more horses that share the same Fast Fig we look to the most recent FIRE and CPR number the horse has earned to rank the horses with the same Fast Figs.