Fast Fig Results Update with a question for you

Fast Figs continue to show better then expected results and we continue to add more tracks to our coverage. What’s interesting is there are some tracks where Fast Figs don’t seem to perform as well while other tracks consistently perform exceptionally well. To ensure that you are as informed as possible and we can continue to help you make good betting decisions we have run the results for the past 5 weeks and a total for those five weeks. We have divided the results into how Fast Figs performed in win, place and show bets. The percentages shown are the amount of your original bet you would have gotten back (before any track take out) if you had placed a bet on the highest Fast Fig for each race. We did not include any races where 49% or less of the horses did not have Fast Figs. As we add

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This is why you need to be using Fast Figs

Another incredible week of results with Fast Figs. Where else can you get a 112% Return on Investment? With the goal of complete transparency, below are the full results for all of the Fast Figs we published last week. I sure hope you are taking advantage of them and growing your bankroll in the process. I should mention that every week that we have been publishing Fast Figs for multiple tracks the average for all tracks has been well above 100% return on investment. The results are based on placing a $2 Win, Place or Show bet on the horse with the highest Fast Fig in the race. In the event that 2 or more horses share the high Fast Fig we will then look at Today’s Racing Digest’s race sheets and chose the one with the highest FIRE and/or CPR. If you missed it I have included my comments

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If you handicap for a profit you need to read this

During our regular process of monitoring the results of Today’s Racing Digest’s speed, pace, and performance figures we decided to begin including the Fast Figs in our regular audit. It’s a number we’ve had for over 30 years but haven’t given it a whole lot of thought other then we knew it was a good quality number that could assist in narrowing down the field. While running our historical results scenarios we kept seeing an abnormally high return on profit. We’ve been developing and monitoring performance figures (ours as well as our competitors) for almost 50 years now and have never seen a figure consistently produce a straight profit over the long haul for multiple tracks. By nature I’m a skeptic and thought it was a fluke so we kept triple checking our results and expanding our data sets. To our amazement Fast Figs continued to hold it’s ability to

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