Don’t “Gamble” If You Want To Win At This Year’s Breeder’s Cup

Buyer Beware

Nowadays, with the internet, anybody can claim to be an “expert” handicapper and sell their picks regardless of their ability to actually come up with profitable winners on a regular basis.  Just because somebody is a good marketer and has figured out how to entice us into purchasing their “Secret Super System” or “Winning Tips” through enticing “teasers” and repetitive emails doesn’t mean we will actually get anything that will give us an edge at the window.  We may get a nice looking booklet with 50+ pages of statistics and data but it is typically the same information that the rest of the betting public is using so often times we will find ourselves betting low priced favorites or losing our bank roll to false favorites.

“Zig” When Everybody Else “Zags”

While we’ll never be able to pick the winner in 100% of the races we should be able to get pretty close on “big days” such as the Breeder’s Cup.  The key is to being profitable on these days is to “zig” when everybody else “zags” and find ways to uncover hidden value and spot overlooked contenders so you are betting against the public which will provide much better payouts.

Trends and Patterns to Uncovering Hidden Value

The difference between a winning professional handicapper and a casual player is the depth of their knowledge of the tracks, horses and their connections.  Professional handicappers follow the races on a daily basis while learning the intricacies of how the tracks are playing along with the the running, training, and workout styles of each of the horse’s, jockey’s and trainers. Most of us don’t have that kind of time on our hands which is where Today’s Racing Digest can help.  Our staff of handicappers, whose average tenure is 26 years, watch all of the races and have learned what to expect from each of the horses running along with their connections.  We will often see patterns we’ve seen before and know how a horse or trainer will react when moving up or down in class or stretching out to a route or moving from dirt to turf.  Today’s Racing Digest then provides you a full race analysis of what we expect giving you a decisive edge from the rest of the general betting public.

Look at Data Differently to find Overlooked Contenders

Thanks to pari-mutuel wagering we are betting against the rest of the public and need to find ways to look at the data differently in order to find value.  With the exception of Today’s Racing Digest, a few other established boutique publishing companies and the occasional rogue handicapper whom creates his or her own numbers there aren’t many options for obtaining unique speed and pace figures.  The good news is Today’s Racing Digest’s speed and pace figures have been proven to work over the past 50 years are exclusive and can’t be found in any other publication.  In addition, unlike traditional past performances which give you the actual time at each point of call for each horse in the race, all of the “Digest’s” data lines are projections of how each horse is expected to run in today’s race.  This is done using our proven par-time-by-class standard which takes into account track pars, track variants and class levels that we have established for every track we cover. The results are projected times for each horse which have been “normalized” to today’s race conditions taking into account the subtle differences among race tracks across the country.

Results Are All That Matters

In the end, regardless of what anybody says, the only thing that really matters is results.  This is why it is so important for Today’s Racing Digest to continually be as transparent as possible with the results we achieve.  With that being said, we are proud to provide you with the results from the 2018 Breeder’s Cup at Churchill Downs and the 2016 Breeder’s Cup the last time it was at Santa Anita.




2018 Breeder’s Cup Results

November 3, 2018 Churchill Downs

$15,010.20 In Total Payouts

11 wins, 7 places, 4 shows, and a boat load of exotics all in just 12 races.

2016 Santa Anita Breeder’s Cup Results