Fast Figs 250% Profit in the Exotics and another profitable week across the board

For the third week in a row that we have been calculating the
performance of Fast Figs in the exotics we continue to see that Fast
Figs can generate a profit in more bets then just using the highest Fast
Fig in a win, place, or show bet. The results shown below are based on
using the horse with the highest Fast Fig in the top position in each
exotic wager. The horse with the 2nd highest Fast Fig is used in the
second spot in the exotics. The horse with the 3rd highest Fast Fig is
used in the third spot and so on. The results assume that these are
straight bets and not boxed and each bet placed is $2. In cases where
there are 2 or more horses that share the same Fast Fig we look to the
most recent FIRE and CPR number the horse has earned to rank the horses
with the same Fast Figs.

In the chart below we see the percentage returned for each type of exotic based on a $2 wager.

Fast Figs continues to show a consistent profit in win-place-show bets.