Fast Figs All Time Results 111% Payouts in Turf Routes. See the full report.

Fast Figs Results Charts

From June 3, 2019 through September 22, 2019

During our regular process of monitoring the results of Today’s Racing Digest’s speed, pace, and performance figures we decided to begin including the Fast Figs in our regular audit. It’s a number we’ve had for over 30 years but haven’t given it a whole lot of thought other then we knew it was a good quality number that could assist in narrowing down the field. While running our historical results scenarios we kept seeing an abnormally high return on profit. We’ve been developing and monitoring performance figures (ours as well as our competitors) for almost 50 years now and have never seen a figure consistently produce a straight profit over the long haul for multiple tracks. By nature I’m a skeptic and thought it was a fluke so we kept triple checking our results and expanding our data sets. To our amazement Fast Figs continued to hold it’s ability to produce a profit. I’m not one to jump to conclusions but I am wondering if we have found “lightning in a bottle”. Our business is providing you the best possible data and information and I have an obligation to you as a customer to make sure you are aware of the potential of Fast Figs to consistently provide you a profit.

The analysis we have been doing is based on the scenario of betting straight win, place, or show bets on the highest Fast Figs for each race. In the case where there are more than one horse with the highest Fast Fig we use the CPR and FIRE number in the Digest race sheets to narrow down our choice. Below are screen shots of the pivot tables that tabulate the win, place, and show profitability for each track. One interesting note is that Fast Figs doesn’t necessarily pick the winner in a race any more frequently than any of our other figures; however, Fast Figs does seem to be uncovering a higher rate of overlooked contenders that when in they finish in-the-money they will payout at a much higher rate resulting in a flat-profit.

Hopefully this report will help guide you when using Fast Figs allowing you to quickly identify scenarios where there might be some hidden value on the tote. If you aren’t already using them I would encourage you to begin to include Fast Figs in your handicapping process or as your primary and/or supplementary tip sheet. From the results we are seeing this is the best figure we’ve ever come across and over the long haul will out-perform any other product, sheet or tool you have ever used. If you’re still skeptical I would encourage you to download as many as you would like and if at the end of the day you feel one or all of them meet your expectations send us an email and we will provide you will refund.

Jason Karches
(General Manager)
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Fast Figs % of Payouts by Track and Bet

The following 3 Charts show the profit amount returned if a win, place or show bet was placed on the highest Fast Fig in each race. The last 2 columns provide the average return for all the weeks and then the number of races. In each of the scenarios below if a race did not have Fast Figs for at least half of the horses then that was thrown out of the data set.

Payouts on Place Bets

Fast Figs % of Payouts by Track, Distance, and Surface

The chart below shows the performance of Fast Figs broken down by either Dirt or Turf Routes or Sprints. What’s interesting to see is how well Fast Figs performs with Turf Routes at 111% return on a win bet.