Fast Figs Crushes the Exotics and 3 weeks in a row of profitable win bets

Given the incredible success of Fast Figs being able to pick winners that produce a consistent profit week after week I thought it might be worth investigating how well they do in the Exotic wagers. The criteria used was to use the top Fast Fig in each race for the win, the 2nd high Fast Fig for the place, and so on. The results are based on straight 1-2-3-4 picks rather then boxing the top two to four horses. In the event more than one horse share the same high Fast Fig I used the CPR and/or Fire number for the race sheets to give a proper ranking. Below are the stellar results from last week’s Fast Figs. I am diving deeper into which conditions and tracks Fast Figs excels and which conditions it does not perform. I will post my results as soon as I am confident in the accuracy which should be in the next few days. I have also included an update of Fast Fig results for win-place-show bets through the July 28. Please at any time if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at
(General Manager)