Fast Figs: Which conditions at which tracks have the best results

I continue to be amazed by the ability of Fast Figs to consistently uncover winners at tracks across the country. While $2 bet on every high fast fig will consistently produce a profit over the long run I am always striving to improve on these results. This prompted me to take a deeper look at Fast Figs to see how it performs in different conditions and all of the tracks we cover.
The first chart below shows us that Fast Figs does slightly better in Turf races with the best performance in Turf Sprint races. The good news is Today’s Racing Digest’s Comprehensive Performance Rating (CPR) found in the race sheets performs slightly better in Dirt races so by using them in combination with each other these numbers can be improved.
All results shown in the charts below assume that a $2 bet was placed on the horse with the highest Fast Fig in each race where 50% or more of the horses had a Fast Fig assigned to them. In the event 2 or more horses share the same high Fast Fig then we used the horse with highest CPR and FIRE number earned in it’s most recent race. The CPR and FIRE numbers can be found in Today’s Racing Digest’s race sheets.
As always please feel free to send me any questions or comments that you may have.
Jason Karches
(General Manager)
Below is a breakdown of each track’s performance broken down by Dirt and Turf Routes and Sprints. Hopefully this will guide you in which tracks to focus on when using Fast Figs.