Fractional Charting

Winning Has Never Been Easier

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“It is not how fast the horse runs that is important.  It is how the horse runs fast.”  Betting the highest speed figure will ultimately give you a flat bet loss.  Often times the top speed figure horse is not suited for the pace match up of the race.  This is where pace handicapping and Fractional Charting can help.

Unlike traditional past performances, Fractional Charting makes it easy to understand the running styles and pace figures of each horse along with the probable pace shape of the race.  With Fractional Charting you will be able to quickly visualize how the race may be run and identify which horses can or cannot compete in today’s race.

The Digest’s “paper race,” the daily Fractional Chart page is a projection of today’s race using a representative race (chosen by our expert staff) from each horse’s past performances. The Fractional Chart page has always been one of the publication’s most popular features since it aids the handicapper in visualizing how today’s heat will unfold, displaying likely frontrunners and projected early fractions, as well as the swiftest closers and projected final times. The par (average winning time for that class) for each race is also listed.

First-time Lasix users, supplemental entries and horses adding or removing blinkers are also noted on this page.

There are a myriad of uses for the Fractional Charting and in general, any horse charting within one second (five lengths) of the chart-topper should be considered capable of winning. In Maiden races, if no horse charts close to par time for the level, then that’s the time to give the new faces (first-time starters) a second look. Handicappers that find themselves in a slump, might be wise to get back to the basics and a good way to do that is to only play horses that do very well in the Fractional Charting.

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