Horse Information

The main component to every horse race is, of course, the horses themselves. A large part of being a winning handicapper is just knowing which horses do well under what conditions, do they have the ability to win, and are they in form.  To that end, the race sheets provide you with a number of different pieces of information to help you solve this puzzle.

Horse Name

horse name
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Simply put, this is the horse’s name. Just so you know, a horse’s name is limited to 18 characters and spaces…that’s the rule.





Breeding does play a big part in horse racing and horse’s sired by champions tend to perform better than those sired by lesser horses.  The race sheets help you identify horse’s that may have an edge when it comes to breeding which will help you isolate early winners.

The stats appear after the sire’s name in the Breeding line of each horse’s comment. When looking at the breeding stats, the first number is the horse’s age, followed by his sex. After the dash(-), the horse’s sire is listed. In parentheses is the sire’s offspring’s win percentage on turf (T), synthetic (S), and in the mud (M). This is followed by the horse’s dam, which is then followed by the dam’s sire (a.k.a – the mom’s dad).

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In the example to the left, Hard Aces is a 5 year old Male (H = Horse) Sired (Father) by Hard Spun whose offspring have won 15% of their turf starts, 14% of their synthetic track starts, and 16% of their mud starts.  For this study, mud is considered any dirt race where the track condition was not ‘Fast’. The turf win percentage is followed by the letter code ‘T’ and the mud win percentage is followed by the letter code ‘M’. If a horse shows just a single stat, or no statistic, it means that the sire had no corresponding statistic in our turf and/or mud sire studies.

Our Turf and Mud studies cover over 25 years of racing, beginning Aug 1, 1989.


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The Digest lists this in abbreviated fashion any trouble the horse has encountered and when.




Course Records

course record
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For the most part horse’s prefer a particular track distance or surface.  To help you uncover if a horse has performed well in today’s race conditions the race sheets show both how the horse has done on today’s surface at today’s track and at today’s distance and surface as a whole. The record are listed as starts, wins, 2nds and 3rds.


Recent Works

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Workouts are an important part of ensuring a horse is in form and ready to race.  Recent workouts are shown in the horse data section of the race sheets. The information includes the track, the date, the time of the work, the condition of the surface and how the work ranked relative to other times recorded that day.


Last 10 FIRE

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These are the last 10 FIRE numbers earned for the horse, just for convenience. The list starts with the horse’s most recent race.

Learn more about the FIRE Number