Hot and Cold Trainers and Trainer Jockey Combinations

Hot and Cold Trainers

It’s no surprise that the best winning trainers get the best horses but just like in any sport success may come in streaks.

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Today’s Racing Digest’s Hot and Cold Trainers report is a good place to start when trying to identify those trainers who are having good success.  In the report, the trainers are listed by win percentage. The time frame is a ten-day period unless specified otherwise. Hot trainers are those that usually win at over 15% with several starters, while Cold Trainers are those that win at less than 7%.

As you follow this feature over a period of time, you’ll start to see many of the same trainers are always popping up as Hot or Cold. By restricting your play to horses by trainers that win at 15% or better and eliminating any horses (especially low-odds horses) from barns that win at 5% or lower, you will start winning at a higher percentage and will probably see an increase in your bottom line.





Hot and Cold Jockey Trainer Combinations

It is true that the top jockeys tend to get to ride the top horses.  Trainers with the most successful horses will often seek out the services of the most successful jockeys.  Additionally, oftentimes when a trainer is serious about his horse’s chances, he’ll employ one of his favorite riders. The trainer/jockey stat illustrates the success rate of the jockey and trainer over the past 3 months.

hot and cold trainer and jockey
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Today’s Racing Digest’s Hot and Cold Jockey and Trainer Combinations report is a good place to see which combinations have been having success lately.  The Hot and cold jockey and trainer combinations are listed by win percentage . The timeframe is a two-month period unless specified otherwise. This popular feature found in Today’s Racing Digest will point to the Trainer/jockey combos that have been doing well lately or have had trouble winning together.

When you check this list you’ll often see a trainer that is hot with a certain jockey, but cold with another. This may be an indication that he uses one jockey on his ‘live’ mounts, while he uses the other rider when his horse is just in for the exercise. Obviously, you can raise your win percentage by focusing your betting on hot trainers and jockeys, while avoiding those trainer/jockey combos that just aren’t winning.