How to Create a Free Account


At the top of the Today’s Racing Digest homepage click on Create a FREE Account.


free account 2

  1.  Type in a Username – must be between 6 and 20 characters, letters and numbers only.
  2.  Type in a password – Password is case=sensitive and accepts all characters.
  3.  Type in your email address
  4.  Read the website user agreement
  5.  If you agree with the website user agreement click I Agree to proceed.



Filling out the information in this section is optional.  As long as you create your account by setting up your username and password you will be able to access your account and purchase products.  You can either click save and go to account main page or click continue to preferences (see below).



In this section you can set-up how the website will display on your computer.  You will also be able to select your preferred type of information you are interested in as well as your favorite tracks.  Again, this section is optional.  When you are finished click on Save Preferences to proceed to the main account page.




On this page you will be able to change any account information on your account.  You will be able to deposit money into your account as well as view recent purchases.