Jockey and Trainer Stats

It is true that the top jockeys tend to get to ride the top horses.  Trainers with the most successful horses will often seek out the services of the most successful jockeys.  Additionally, oftentimes when a trainer is serious about his horse’s chances, he’ll employ one of his favorite riders. The trainer/jockey stat illustrates the success rate of the jockey and trainer over the past 3 months.

Trainer/Jockey Combinations

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The horse’s trainer and today’s rider are listed, along with their record (starts, wins, 2nds, 3rds) when teaming up over the past three months.  The more wins a trainer and jockey show together, the better – it’s as simple as that.

In the example above, Trainer John Sadler has used Jockey Victor Espinoza 47 times in the last 90 days and together they have won 12 times, placed 6 times and showed 3 times.


Trainer Stats

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Knowing how trainers work can give a horseplayer a tremendous advantage in a race.  Some trainers do well in certain conditions,  certain moves or with certain types of horses.

In the Horse Information box in the race sheets the Digest lists all of the pertinent trainer stats you’ll need to understand how a trainer has been doing in their last 15 starts (LAST 15) and how they do with any moves they will be making with this horse today (i.e., going from dirt to turf (D/T), route to sprint (R/S, etc).  When looking at the stats the % is the percentage of wins and then after the percentage the first number is the total number of starts and then we list the number of wins, places, and shows.

To save space and quicken production, we use abbreviations to denote the various trainer statistics covered on a regular basis in the Digest. The stats listed below are all based on a 3-year time frame. We update the stats nightly.

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MCL 1st Maiden-Claiming (MDC) first-timers.
MSW 1st Straight Maiden (MDN) first-timers.
MDN 2nd MSW/MDC making their 2nd start
1st CLM Horses making their first start off a claim
2nd CLM Horses making their second start off a claim.
S/R Sprint-to-Route moves
R/S Route-to-Sprint moves.
D/T Dirt-to-Turf moves
T/D Turf-to-Dirt moves
Lasix on Horse getting Lasix for the first time


90+ Horses away 90+ days (comebackers).
2nd 90+ Horses making 2nd start after 90+ layoff.
3rd 90+ Horses making 3rd start after 90+ layoff.
30+ Horses who have been off 30 to 59 days
60+ Horses who have been off 60 to 89 days
B Off Blinkers off
B On Blinkers on
Last 15 Trainers’ record with last 15 starters
Foreign Foreign-raced horses making U.S. bow.


The following stats are based on a 1-year time frame

Down:  Horses moving down in class

Up:  Horses moving up in class

Dirt Spr, Turf Spr, Synth Rte: Trainer’s Record in Dirt Sprints, Turf Sprints, Synthetic Routes etc.