Overview of Today’s Racing Digest

Digest-Cover-promotionalSince 1970, Today’s Racing Digest has been the leader in providing unique and powerful handicapping information that goes beyond any other handicapping product or service.  Since it’s inception the “Digest” has sold over 20 million editions to handicappers looking for a more complete set of tools, data and information that are easier to use yet more insightful allowing them to quickly and easily identify the real contenders in each race.  From easy to use features like the Quick Picks and Fractional Charting to our powerful data lines already adjusted to today’s race distance and surface along with the insightful workout report no other handicapping publication provides an easier more effective handicapping product.

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Comprehensive Handicapping Information From a Variety of Different Angles

It takes more than just a final speed number, performance rating, or set of raw past performances to uncover hidden value.  A consistently winning handicapper approaches each race from multiple angles.  Today’s Racing Digest products are designed to give you a comprehensive and complete look at each race through unique features, data and information covering the most important angles required to identify the real contenders while uncovering hidden value, and overlooked betting opportunities.  With, insightful statistics and data looking at class, breeding, form, workouts, speed, pace, running styles, track bias and variants, value, key races, and much more you will be confident you are getting the complete handicapping picture while not missing out on any critical handicapping angle or piece of information.

Proven Effective Statistical Data Not Found in Any Other Racing Program

For over 45 years, handicappers have benefited from our proprietary speed, pace, and performance figures while giving you the most powerful datalines that can be found anywhere.   Using proven strategies and methods the “Digest” takes all of the raw information that is typically found in other handicapping publications and enhances that data by providing unique and insightful statics that are easy to use while giving you a better understanding of a horse’s potential performance in today’s race.

All of this information, data, and statistics are proprietary and can only be found in Today’s Racing Digest products. No other handicapping publication has more experience and success in creating accurate and powerful speed, pace and data lines that give you the edge you need to win more money more often.

It’s like having your own private team of handicappers

In order to be a consistent winning handicapper you must be knowledgeable on all the horses, jockeys, trainers, and how the track has been playing.  In order to do this you must take the time to watch all of the races, keep accurate records, and study the running and training styles of the horses and their connections.  For most handicappers this is not possible; however, Today’s Racing Digest’s staff of experienced handicappers does this work for you.   The Digest’s staff of seasoned experts spend all of their time watching the races, workouts, gathering all the pertinent data, and then presenting it in an informative and valuable format.

There are a number of ways you can benefit from Today’s Racing Digest products.  You can either purchase the Complete Digest which includes all of our best features available for that track and is typically 25 to 30 pages of information or you can purchase and download only those features you want. To learn more about our features and products please feel free to continue to explore this site or follow the links below to try a free sample or begin downloading products now.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. We do not want you to have anything from Today’s Racing Digest that is not completely satisfactory.

Our guarantee is based on something as simple as a handshake – the deal that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, and if you are not, we’ll make it right. We guarantee that we’ll hold up our end of the bargain. It’s just how we do business. If your purchase isn’t completely satisfactory, we’re happy to refund you the entire cost of your purchase.

If you ever need to contact us for any reason you can either email us at Admin@TodaysRacingDigest.com or call us at (855) 742-2946.