Quick Start Race Sheets

Today’s Racing Digest race sheets are a powerful way to improve your handicapping results. The racing sheets can help you single out false favorites, contenders and overlays, while uncovering hidden value, overlooked long-shots and undervalued first time starters. With so many features and different ways to use the race sheets it may take some time to get comfortable with them all. The following videos cover different features found in the race sheets and how to use them.


Quick Start Overview

This 5 minute quick start video will help get you started using some of the key features so you can start seeing better results immediately.

Covered in this video:

  •  Layout of the race sheets
  •  2 key performance ratings (FIRE and CPR),
  • How to identify the Track Profile for today’s race and the Running Styles for each horse
  • How to use the race sheets to easily handicap changes in class through the simplified Race Class Levels

6 Step Handicapping Process While Using the Digest Race Sheets

Covered in this video:

  •  How to determine if a horse is in Form
  • Uncover if a horse and it’s connections perform well coming off of breaks
  • Does the horse and it’s connections have the ability to win today
  • What type of performance does the horse figure to do today
  • Can a horse perform well at today’s class level and in today’s conditions
  • Is the horse bred to win in today’s conditions