Race and Fractional Time Summations

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The Digest’s Fractional Times and Summations displays the distance, class, track conditions, Race Competition Level (RCL), purse, Comprehensive Performance Rating (CPR), morning line and actual odds of the winner, the winner’s running style, the first three finishers, and whether or not the race was fast, slow or average for each race.

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Explanation of Columns

The columns in the Fractional Time and Summation Report are mostly self-explanatory with a few exceptions

LF= the last time of the Last Fraction.

TV=Track Variant, quoted in lengths or fifths of seconds.

Minus figures are given to tracks that are slower than normal and plus figures to tracks faster than normal.

RCL  learn more about RCL

RCL AVE = the RCL for a field of average strength for a race of this type.

RCL FIn = the final or adjusted RCL per the strength of field after scratches, etc.

CPR = Comprehensive Performance Rating for the race. It includes variants for track speed, an unusual pace, etc.

PURS = purse for the race, shown in thousands.

CONDITIONS = the stipulations a horse must meet to be eligible for the race (the abbreviations are generally explained on the bottom of this or another page in this section).

ODDS FAVORITE = the Morning Line odds followed by the last odds shown on the tote board and where the favorite finished (F).

ODDS WINNER = the Morning line odds followed by the last odds shown.

HW = HOW WON indicates if the winner was F: front runner, E: early speed-no worse third throughout, M: midpack, or R: came from the rear.

PP = post position of the winner. IN-THE-MONEY = the names of the first three finishers.

# IN = Number of horses in the race.

SUMMATIONS = Using the letters below to provide the characteristics of the race as run SUMMATIONS

A.  Average field for the level I. Better-than-ave interior or mid-race speed Q. Queer or longshot winner Y. Younger horses dominate.

B.  Balanced speed-slow, average or fast J. Just slow throughout R. Racing luck bad for much of the field Z. Zany time of conditions

C.  Climbers in Class prominent K. Keen speed throughout S. Sprinters prominent in a two-turner $ Stretch Starts

D.  Droppers in Class prominent L. Lone ‘F’ (a lone front-runner) T. Two-turners prominent in a sprint ¢. Chute Start

E.  Better than average Early Speed M. Mid-race speed lacking U. Unknowns cloud issue # Auxilary inner rail used

F.  Favorite not solid, not below 5 to 2 N. No late speed V. Very large underlay (bet down) in race * Indicates a correction

G.  Good field for the level O. Older horse dominate W. Weak field for the level

H.  Better-than-average homestretch speed P. Pacesetters – more than one X. Xceptional betting action on race