Steve Fierro’s Race Day USA Betting Line

The author of the popular “Four Quarters Of Horse Investing,” Steve Fierro is one of racing’s strongest proponents of value handicapping and he utilizes his expertise in that handicapping area in his daily Betting Line feature.

Fierro Betting Line Sample
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Steve provides wagering commentary and a “fair odds” line in his Raceday USA Betting Line.  The betting line is applied following contender selection and is simple and easy to use. It is designed to point out the value opportunities in a race.







Best ways to use the betting line

1.  The top contender is offered at odds higher than listed on the betting line (overlayed). This is the strongest feature of the betting line.

2.  If two contenders are overlayed, start at the top. The contender listed closest to the top is the play. If the two are above 8/1, play them both.

3.  If three contenders are overlayed the race is a pass. The race is chaos and long term this is a losing situation.

4.  Legitimate favorites: If the betting line lists the top contender at 3/2 or less and the betting public sends this contender to post at 3/2 or less, this race must also be passed. This is a strong contender. The other contenders become “false overlays” because of the heavy action on the “legitimate” favorite. They do win, but long term they pay far too little to produce a profit.

Exotics: The betting line is a “win oriented” service. It is an excellent tool in constructing doubles, Pick 3’s, and 4’s, from a value standpoint.


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