Race Sheets

Race Sheet Sample
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Today’s Racing Digest race sheets are a powerful handicapping tool.  Using proven strategies and method’s Today’s Racing Digest provides you with the most accurate and informative statistics, data and information available from any handicapping publication.  The Digest race sheets are different and are often referred to as the “Form” on steroids because they expand on the raw data giving you more insightful and relevant information than anything else you have seen.

Whether you handicap using speed and pace figures, or prefer class and breeding, or may be you just want an expert’s analysis and opinion Today’s Racing Digest’s got you covered.  Each Race Sheets is packed with valuable information covering a variety of different angles.  There is no right or wrong way to use them.  Because there is so much information included in each sheet abbreviations and short hand has been used to present much of the data.  The key to success is understanding how to find and interpret the information in the sheets.



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