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Official 4 X 9 Programs with Pace Pals

The PacePals Pace Analysis is a visual representation of how the horses in each race have preferred to run their races. All handicappers know that lone speed is dangerous (ie: Intercontinental in the Filly & Mare Turf). Anytime a horse is allowed to run his race unopposed it is dangerous. It is kind of like everyone heading for the door at the same time. If there are multiple runners with any specific running style - Rabbits, Foxes, Hounds or Turtles in the field, there is a good chance they’ll hinder the other horses with similar running styles. The strongest runner with that style is likely to survive, but may be stressed enough to get beat.

At the bottom of each column is historical data on how each running style has fared at that distance and surface. Data is either from the current meet, year or longer in an effort to have enough races to be statistically significant. These stats are helpful to determine if a horse’s normal running style fit’s the winning profile for the distance/surface.

100% Betting Line: All any handicapper can do is determine what he feels each horse’s chances of winning is, then look for overlays. Because 15% is taken out of each wager the Tote Board displays odds at 115%. You must be 15% better than the public to win in the long run, making a betting line allows you to bet overlays without the gut wrenching experience of “I picked this horse, but I don’t like his odds…but if I don’t bet I’ll be upset.” The betting line makes it easy, if the horse is below your odds it isn’t worth a straight bet, but may be used in exotics with other overlays.

Pace Pals 4x9 programs give the novice & expert easy to use Pace handicapping icons: �RABBIT for horses who raced on the lead in their last race. �FOX, horses in the leading 1/3 of the field. �HOUNDS, mid-pack. �TURTLES, trailing 1/3 of the field. �The DARK HORSE, represents 1st-time starters or horses who raced outside of No. America in their last start. �By glancing at the icons anyone can quickly determine if race has plenty of speed (lots of Rabbits & Foxes) or very little speed (a lone Rabbit is always dangerous).

Also, each horse's last race speed rating is next to their icon. Plus, the running style legend for the at the bottom of the page gives a historical record for today's distance and surface of which run styles have been successful. �


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Arapahoe Park 03
Assiniboia Downs 29
Belmont Park 01, 30
Canterbury Park 03, 02, 30, 29
Charlestown Races & Slots 01, 30
Churchill Downs 01, 30, 29
Delaware Park 02, 01, 30, 29
Delta Downs 02, 01, 30, 29
Emerald Downs 01
Evangeline Downs 02, 01, 30, 29
Fair Meadows 02, 01
Finger Lakes 29
Gulfstream Park 01, 30
Hastings Park 01
Laurel Park 01
Lone Star Park 03, 02
Los Alamitos 01
Louisiana Downs 03, 02
Monmouth 01
Mountaineer Track & Resort 29
Parx Racing 29
Penn National 01, 30, 29
Pleasanton 01
Prairie Meadows 03, 02, 01
Presque Isle Downs 30, 29
Retama Park 02, 01, 30
Ruidoso Downs 03, 02, 01
Tampa Bay Downs 01, 30
Thistledown 30, 29
Woodbine 01, 30

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