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There are 3 levels (Basic, Enhanced, Premium) of Today's Racing Digest race sheets.� This is the�Premium level race sheet for one individual race.� This�Premium level race sheet includes the following:

Header: Lists the distance and conditions of the race, Digest race level, purse, average times for this level on an unbiased track, favorites win and in the money percentages.

Digest Exclusive Race Header: Includes, the horses entered in the race in order of post position including for each horse, today's fire number, weight, age/sex, recent Race Level, Race Competition Level, Comprehensive Performance Ratings, Total, Position Early in Race, Handicapping Factors, Equipment, Trouble, Best Previous Surface and Distance, Past Class, Average RCL and Last CPR.

Fractional Charting for the top 3 horses, Expected Times with 0 variant, Average times for mid-level races, Average Times for this Level.

Race Analysis: This is where the Digest staff handicapper will detail his analysis of each particular race. He'll point out contenders and why he likes or dislikes certain horses in that race. He also might point out how the race will be run (pace scenario) and how that will effect the contenders.

Experienced handicappers and beginners can benefit from reading the Race Analysis. The experienced player can look for things he might have overlooked or use it as a sounding board for his own selections. Beginning players get an easy to read analysis for the race and then can form their own selection or go along with the writer's top choice(s).

Notes/Stats Each horse�entered in�today's race�is listed in post position order including, jockey/trainer stats, breeding stats, trainer stats, trip notes, workouts, and the�last 10 FIRE #'s.

The Data Lines: Each horse's last six past performance lines are listed here, along with such important information as Track Bias, Pace and Final Time Ratings. The Digest Data Lines include our exclusive pace and final time ratings that have been adjusted to reflect today's race. This makes it easy to compare the past performances of each individual horse.��

Horse Comments:� This is where a Digest Analyst will provide any inside information regarding this horse to give you the edge you need to determine if this race is a good fit with this horse or if he/she is a "throwout'.

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