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Lauren Stitch's Pedigree Handicapping

Analyst Opinion, $25.00

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About Lauren Stich Pedigree Handicapper

Many people skip Maiden races because they are unsure of which horses are bred to win early or move forward when sent long. The same is true for turf races. But these are often key races in the Pick 6 or Pick 3 and can be costly to avoid. Lauren Stich's Pedigree Handicapping highlights 5 to 10 races around the country from a pedigree perspective.

More and more people are starting to catch on to Lauren's selections as she comes up with big priced winners. That's because she is using information that the majority of bettors don't know how to use or just don't have. Pick up Lauren's selections for a week or two and we may see you at the IRS window signing for a big ticket.

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