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Track bias is used to determine if there was a faster/slower part of the main track and/or if frontrunners or closers had an advantage on that particular day. There is not a track bias everyday, but we list in our Data Lines if there was a bias. This column is also used to note if the rails were "up" on the turf course and how many feet they were placed outside of the standard setting.

There are three types of track bias ratings: 1-moderate; 2-strong; 3-powerful. There are four designations for how the bias occurred on the race track: F-frontrunners; L-closers; I-inside; O-outside.

An example of a track bias may be F2/I2. Frontrunners on the inside ran very well on this day so you may want to look at a closer who was on the outside that was compromised by the bias that day. This horse may be worth considering next time out since it had raced against a track bias on that particular day. When used in conjunction with the trip notes, this can help to point out a better than looked performance.

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