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Today's Racing Digest Results
Marked Up Digest Recent Winners Which Features are Hot
Digest Results
Digest Results
Digest Results
Learn to get the most of your Digest with yesterday's marked up Digest with comments. View a list of recent winners you would have had if you were using the Digest

(Coming Soon) Download a summary for this weeks features to see which features are hot.

What Other Handicapper's Say About Today's Racing Digest


How to use Today's Racing Digest Articles

Explanation of Digest Layout and Features
This is a general overview and explanation of the layout and many of the Digest's exclusive features
Handicapping Factors
Ever wonder what it means when Digest handicappers label a horse an HF 15 or HF 20? Well, you're in luck. We'll explain all the Handicapping Factors in an easy to read format.
Pace and Final Time Ratings
Today's Racing Digest's running lines include two important speed figures; Pace and Final Time Ratings. This one-page feature will show you where to find the ratings and how to use them.
Trainer & Jockey Statistic
How does a trainer fare when employing today's rider? Look no further, the Digest has the info.
Track, Date, and Race Number
Locate the ultra-important track, date, and race number listings for each horse's previous starts with this handy-dandy explanation page.
Distance and Surface
Where do I find the distance and surface of a horse's last race? We'll show you where--as well as a few other tips--in this how-to-use-the-Digest feature.
RCL (Race Competition Level)
How do you know if a $40,000 claiming race is tougher than a bottom-level Allowance? For Digest users it's easy, just check the RCLs of the two races to find out. This short article explains how.
Race Types and Conditions
The types and conditions of races are extremely important in racing. This two-page feature explains where you can find both the type of race and its conditions in each horse's Data Lines.
Recent Marked Up issue of the Digest
One of the best ways to learn how to use Today's Racing Digest is to have somebody go through and show you which features they use to handicap the race. This free download is a recent edition of the complete Digest with one of our expert analysts mark ups and comments to help you get the most out of your Digest.
Race Class Level Chart
Today's Racing Digest makes changes in class easy to handicap with it's simplified class rating system. This is our Race Class Level Chart. Each race level is assigned a base (found at the top of each race sheet) which can then be compared to all of the Digest's class ratings helping you uncover value and overlooked contenders.
User Guide
A detailed guide on how to use these sheets.

6 Quick Steps to Begin Using Today's Racing Digest Exclusive Race Sheets

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Today's Racing Digest Statistics and Figures
how to use digest

Download this comprehensive user guide to learn how to use the many exclusive features included in the Digest's race sheets.

digest tutorial

View an online tutorial on how to use the many exclusive features included in the Digest's race sheets.

For Frequently Asked Questions please visit our Forum

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