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2021 Del Mar Pick 6 wagering rules

This year's Del Mar Pick 6 with have a minimum $0.20 wager.  Here are the rules:

  • A late scratch in any leg of the Pick Six may result in the ticket holder being assigned their alternate selection. If no alternate was selected, the actual betting favorite is assigned as a substitute for the scratched horse.
  • A change in racing surface for any leg of the Pick Six that was not made known to the public prior to the start of the first race of the Pick Six sequence may result in an “Win All” situation. All Pick Six tickets will receive the winner of the affected race as the selection for that race.
  • In addition, a surface change as depicted above results in the pool for the Pick Six, excluding any carryover, being distributed as a single-priced pool. The carryover from previous day(s) will be carried forward to the next racing day.
  • Winning tickets with six correct selections will share in 70% of the daily net pool, and 100% of the carryover. 30% of the daily net pool will be carried into a jackpot pool that will be paid, along with the days carryover pool, in the event there is a single winning ticket.  
  • If there is a single winning pick six ticket then 100% of the jackpot pool and pick six pool, including any natural carryover pool, will be paid to the sole winner. A single ticket is defined as a unique wager at the minimum wager amount.
  • Unique is defined as 1) one and only one winning combination where the total amount wagered on is equal to the minimum allowable wager and 2) more than one combination on a unique serial number ticket equal to the minimum allowable wager that is solely the result of A) a wagering interest being scratched and replaced with the post time favorite; B) a dead heat; C) a surface change after the pool has closed and as a result the race is a “Win All”; or D) some combination of (A), (B), and (C) above. 
  • Mandatory payout of the entire net pool will occur on the last day or a pre-announced day of the racing meet. In the event that on such a mandatory payout date there is no unique winning ticket, that day’s jackpot pool, as well as an applicable carryover, will be paid to ticket holders who correctly selected the winner in each of the races included in the Pick Six. When no tickets correctly select the winner in each of the Pick Six races, that day’s pool, and any carryover, plus the jackpot pool and any applicable carryover, be paid to ticket holders who correctly selected the winner in the greatest number of races included in the Pick Six. 

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