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In order to be allowed to run live racing at Santa Anita the Los Angeles County Health Department is only allowing a few key "essential" workers on site.  Unfortunately, our analysts and clockers are not included within this group.  So while we will have all of our regular products available we will not be able to produce an updated workout report.  However, we will include the 90 day workout report in the complete Digest which will give you every workout we have up until 90 days ago.

Hardcopy Edition
(update 5/28/2020)

We will have a hardcopy edition of Santa Anita's Racing Digest available in Los Angles and San Diego and their surrounding areas at our regular sales locations for Friday, May 29, Saturday, May 30 and Sunday May 31.  We expect to go back to distributing to Northern California, Las Vegas, and the Reno/Tahoe areas over the next few weeks as the OTB's and Sports Books open up to the public.

In the meantime, you can purchase and download the exact same Today's Racing Digest as you get in the hard copy right here for just $8.00 The Triangle Turf can be found here

Thursday, May 28, 2020


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Fast Fig Results Update with a question for you

Fast Figs continue to show better then expected results and we continue to add more tracks to our coverage.  What's interesting is there are some tracks where Fast Figs don't seem to perform as well while other tracks consistently perform exceptionally well.  To ensure that you are as informed as possible and we can continue to help you make good betting decisions we have run the results for the past 5 weeks and a total for those five weeks.  We have divided the results into how Fast Figs performed in win, place and show bets.  The percentages shown are the amount of your original bet you would have gotten back (before any track take out) if you had placed a bet on the highest Fast Fig for each race.  We did not include any races where 49% or less of the horses did not have Fast Figs. 

As we add more track coverage of Fast Figs some of those tracks don't seem to perform as well resulting in our overall total win percentages going down.  I am inclined to stop producing Fast Figs for those low performing tracks so we don't provide you with a sub par product that doesn't meet your's and our expectations.  However, Fast Figs can be a great tool to help rank each horse in comparison to each other and even though the high Fast Fig may not be in the money it may help narrow down your betting options.  To that end we have included a poll at the end of this article asking if you would like us to continue publishing Fast Figs for tracks that don't perform at an 80% return rate or better.  Please take a minute and tell us what you think so that we can continue to provide you with the products and information you need.  Of course at anytime feel free to email us at with your comments, questions, and thoughts.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Below are the win results for Fast Figs by track for each week along with the total for all weeks.  In this format you can quickly see how Fast Figs has performed at each track.

Below are the place results for Fast Figs by track for each week along with the total for all weeks.

Below are the show results for Fast Figs by track for each week along with the total for all weeks.

Please let us know if you would like us to continue publishing Fast Figs for tracks where the results are at 80% or less?

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